Building Regulations

Once BMac Design has secured your planning permission, the next stage is to obtain Building Control permission. There are two options regarding Building Control, the ‘Full Plans’ procedure or ‘Building Notice’ both are explained below;

Full Plans submission requires full construction drawings, plans are vetted and a decision is given.

A Building Notice doesn’t require any plans to be deposited with the application and no formal approval is given before work commences. Inspections are carried out at the various stages on both applications to make sure the work complies with the Building Regulations.

Full Plans Applications will be formally determined and an approval will be issued. This option does provide you with better protection.

Building Notices do not get this approval, they are only acknowledged. The responsibility lies with the owner/builder to comply with the building regulations on site.

BMac Design can guide you and the builder through either process in order to conform with the Local Authority Building Control.


The difference between Full plans and Building Notice as follows:

Full Plans Submission

  • Requires full constructional drawings.
  • Formally determined and an approval issued prior to construction.
  • Provides better protection for client.

Building Notice Submission

  • No requirement of detailed drawings to be deposited with the application.
  • No formal approval is given prior to commencement of work.
  • Responsibility lies with the owner/builder to comply with the building regulations on site.

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